Since 1976


Last Updated 03/30/2017



Picture of a CustomerOur customers appreciate services and deliverables which are "thoughtfully designed with busy professionals in mind™."

Building upon our 40+ year history, McKirchy & Company has the experience and the depth and breadth of capabilities to provide complete solutions.  We have a history of performance as a true partner with our customers.



  • Adaptive Learning and Testing
  • Customer Education
  • Government Regulatory Compliance Support
  • High Quality, Detailed Briefings
  • Knowledge Delivery
  • Mission Critical Training
  • Online Product Demonstrations
  • Scenario-Based Training
  • Software Simulations
  • Procedures Training
  • Process Simulations
  • Sophisticated Presentations Combining Text, Graphics, Animation, Video and Audio

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  • Question Bank Development
  • Pre-tests, Practice Exercises, Practice Tests and Final Tests
  • Reporting

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  • Desk Reference, Tutorial, Short Course, Quick Start Class, Course, Assessment, Curriculum and Certificate development
  • Deployment on internet, intranet, custom portal and/or learning management system
  • Embedded training system development
  • Roll-out planning
  • Help desk and end-user technical support
  • Medium and long range support planning

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Instructional Design & Content Development

  • Learning objectives development
  • Curriculum development
  • Training management plan development
  • Conversion of preliminary training concepts, PowerPoint presentations, instructor's notebooks, product specifications, process documentation, videos and other business documents to online instruction
  • Conversion of existing traditional classroom instruction, product support materials or process documentation to effective online learning
  • Update of existing online learning, product support materials or process documentation
  • Research
  • Legal and regulatory citation integration
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews
  • Writing, editing, proofreading
  • On-the-job learning tool development
  • Instructional module and lesson development
  • Training evaluation

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Organizational Learning Strategies

  • Needs Assessment 
  • Job Analysis

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Program Management

Business Case Development
  • For each training intervention proposed, produce a return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Development and management of course pilot programs
  • Development of communications plans and targeted communications in multiple media necessary to successfully roll out products
  • Training evaluation management through Kirkpatrick Level IV
  • Pre and post deployment usability assessments

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TQM Testing

  • Unit testing by the developer to test elements work as designed
  • Quality assurance testing to identify program “bugs” 
  • Bugs are addressed and returned to tester for verification
  • Tester verifies the “bug fix” and marks it as resolved or resubmits it to developer
  • Project manager checks the “bug fix” and closes the issue
  • Process continues until all "bugs" are addressed

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